Product Safety Statement

California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 published as Section 25249.7 of California’s Health and Safety Code. Proposition 65 is intended to warn consumers of potential exposures to chemicals that are recognized by the State of California as carcinogens and reproductive toxins. Prop 65 applies to all consumer goods sold within the state and impacts all importers, domestic manufacturers, and retailers of these items.

HPG maintains its own Safety Protocol program to inspect and thoroughly test all products to make sure they comply with California’s Proposition 65 and all other national safety standards. To ensure compliance with the Safety Protocol, HPG requires that its products demonstrate – via testing by an independent accredited analytical laboratory – that they comply with both the California Proposition 65 exposure standard as well as the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission’s toughest requirements. Through our vigorous enforcement of the Safety Protocol, HPG pledges to ensure compliance with California’s Proposition 65 as well as all relevant national safety standards to protect our customers.

Safety sheets and supporting documentation are readily available for all products upon request. As part of our rigorous quality program, we keep and maintain detailed quality records throughout our entire supply chain. This starts with inspections at our oversea factory by qualified audit team in China. We also set up third-party factory audits for both social and quality compliance on a regular basis. At least on a bi-annual basis, the United States HPG team conducts an on-site audit of our supplier factories to ensure they maintain the highest level of quality and safety of our products.


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