22.09.2019 BLOG

Iconic Promotional Pen Supplier Hub Pen Rebrands

One of the best-known brand names in the promotional product industry, Hub Pen rebrands itself after 65 years. Hub still stands by the same principles of quality product and customer service, but now the company has refreshed its logo, website and entire visual identity.

In 2017, Hub Pen was acquired by Hub Promotional Group (HPG), recently named the 9th largest supplier in the promotional products industry at the 2019 ASI Counselor® Awards. Hub Pen also received the 2019 ASI Counselor® Distributor Choice Award for Pens.

The rebranding marks the launch of Hub Promotional Group’s (HPG) new in-house creative marketing team led by Jason Lucash, the group’s VP of Marketing. “Taking on the Hub Pen rebrand was a strategic first-step to elevate one of the group’s most popular brands,” states Lucash. “As we continue to bring new writing instruments and experiences to the market, now is the time to reintroduce Hub Pen to the modern world.”

The rebrand centers around one signature feature: a cursive-written, and animated where applicable, “Hub” logo which reinforces the company’s tagline, “enjoy writing”. “Our goal was to transform an iconic promo industry brand into something still welcomed and recognizable, but elevated,” states Casey Ouye, HPG Creative Director.

“The new branding reflects a high-quality, dynamic and creative product and its value for customers,” adds Lucash. Learn more about the rebrand here: hubpen.com/rebrand/