Hub Pen Company Marketing Flyers (US)

WE created these end user friendly flyers just for you!

Please download and customize the flyers listed below with your own logo, contact information and sell pricing. The flyers show 2017 catalog prices. All pricing expires on 12/31/17.

Plastic Pens

FlyerItem No.DescriptionJPGPDF
1319-324, 326, 328, 329, 331-332, 336-339Entire Javalina® collectionDownloadDownload
2319-324, 326, 328-329Javalina® collection- .40-.44 centsDownloadDownload
3331-332, 336-337, 339Javalina® collection- Multifunction pensDownloadDownload
4411-413, 415-417, 419Mardi Gras® collectionDownloadDownload
9585, 586, 587, 588, 335Maxglide® collectionDownloadDownload
15309, 390-391Janita™ CollectionDownloadDownload
19384, 385Mateo® CollectionDownloadDownload
20351, 352Nitrous® CollectionDownloadDownload
24353, 354Tryit™ CollectionDownloadDownload
25384Mateo® StylusDownloadDownload
26405Mantaray™ StylusDownloadDownload
27565Levanta™ StylusDownloadDownload
32353NEW Tryit™ BrightDownloadDownload
33301, 302NEW Nochella™ CollectionDownloadDownload
34306NEW JayKay™ StylusDownloadDownload
35481NEW Pompano™DownloadDownload
36406NEW Crescendo™DownloadDownload
38372NEW Spartano™DownloadDownload
40305NEW Gassetto™DownloadDownload
41303NEW Turri™DownloadDownload
42402NEW Akoni™DownloadDownload

Metal Pens

FlyerItem No.DescriptionJPGPDF
8628-630, 636Vienna Collection: Vienna™, Vienna™ Rhine, Vienna™ Vibe, Vienna™ StylusDownloadDownload
18682, 687, 690Sonata™ CollectionDownloadDownload
28636Vienna™ StylusDownloadDownload
29690Sonata™ TorchDownloadDownload
30889Axonite™ StylusDownloadDownload
37681NEW Carmelo™DownloadDownload
39675NEW Elvado™DownloadDownload
43848NEW Bala™ StylusDownloadDownload
44854NEW Damali™ StylusDownloadDownload
45672NEW Nzuri™DownloadDownload
46671NEW Varrago™DownloadDownload

Metal & Plastic Pens

FlyerItem No.DescriptionJPGPDF
7Top 5 metal and plastic pens (Vienna™, Fiji™, Mardi Gras®, MaxGlide®, Javalina®)DownloadDownload
13339, 351, 565, 384, 636, 889Stylus Pens for Tech LoversDownloadDownload

Metal Stylus & LED Light Pens

FlyerItem No.DescriptionJPGPDF
10709Zentrio® Triple FunctionDownloadDownload
12690, 851, 858Sonata Torch™, Nashoba™ Torch, Santorini™ Torch (LED only)DownloadDownload
16708, 709, 712, 718, 855Triple function flyer: T.Macy™ Triple Function, Zentrio® Triple Function, Quadtri™ Triple Function, Terranova™ Triple Function, Luxuria® Triple FunctionDownloadDownload

Ink Specific

FlyerItem No.DescriptionJPGPDF
5375, 377, 385, 567, 697Antifraud Ink: Zenwu™, Turaco™, Mateo™, Consuelo™, Farella™ StylusDownloadDownload
6307, 375, 487, 371, 377, 409Hybrid Ink: Macaw™, Zenwu™, Xact™ Chrome, Ziano™, Turaco™, Meemo™DownloadDownload
11587Patented MaxGlide® Ink: Cold Weather, MaxGlide Click® CorporateDownloadDownload

Gift Packaging

FlyerItem No.DescriptionJPGPDF
31Gift PackagingDownloadDownload

Holiday Flyers

FlyerItem No.DescriptionJPGPDF
00682, 687, 690Sonata™ Holiday CollectionDownloadDownload
00984, 986, 854, Gift BoxesHoliday Corporate Gifts/PackagingDownloadDownload